We legalize your documents from the required consulate or embassies in Washington DC and other Cities or States.


Our legalization services include: legalization of assignments, power of attorneys, affidavits, agreements, articles of incorporation, certificates of registration, commercial invoices, diplomas, death certificates, financial papers, employment papers, passport copies, authorization of agent, certificate of service, birth certificate, certified court records, USPTO certified patents, applications, trademarks certificate of registration, school records, and others.

Apostille for documents for countries participating in the Hague Convention.

We provide apostille authentication certifications at any required local entity and other Cities, Counties, States and Federal level. The most recent countries to accede to the convention that no longer requires Consulate or Embassy legalization are Nicaragua (entry into force 14 may 2013), Bahrain (entry into force 31 December 2013), Paraguay (entry into force 30 Aug 2014), Burundi (entry into force 13 Feb 2015), Kosovo (entry into force 14 July 2016), Brazil and Morocco (entry into force 14 Aug 2016), Chile (entry into force 30 Aug 2016) Guatemala (entry into force 18 Sept 2017), Tunisia (entry into force 30 March 2018), Bolivia (entry into force 7 May 2018), Philippines (entry into force 14 May 2019).

Get your documents legalized quickly and also get complete and updated patent file wrappers, assignments, NPLs and your certified patent documents. Our location is close to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, US Department of State and Embassies in Washington D.C. which means faster service and turnaround!


We can beat our most powerful competitors!

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Legalization & Authentications

Innovation IP Services provides the complete authentication and legalization of documents before counties, state and federal government authorities for a discounted price of $200 per document. Other discounts, fees and related expenses may apply. 


We can authenticate and get an Apostille certification for documents issued in any state or territory of the United States for use among nations that participate in of a Hague Convention, a treaty between 98 nations.

Prices: $100 per document. Other discounts, fees and related expenses may apply. 

Patent File Histories (Domestics)

Our patent file histories are accurate and in chronological old to new date order delivery via email, downloadable links, CD-ROM and paper formats. In addition your file and documents will be text word searchable with bookmarks for $0.75/pg.

Other credit and special discounts may apply.

Non-Patent Literature Documents

We can search and collect your non-patent literature and other publications from PTO Library and other online databases for $50 service fee plus $0.75/pg. for copies. Other fees for research time and discount for large page counts may apply.

Assignment Chain of Title & Recorded Assignments Copies

Get your complete assignment chain of title and copies for flat fee of $50 for the first 50 pages, up to 5 Assignments, $0.75/pg for additional pages

. Single assignment reel/frame of 10 pages or less $25.00 each plus $0.75/pg for additional pages. Other fees for large assignments and discount for large page counts may apply.

Other Services

For Foreign file histories, PTO certified copies, PTO new filings and hand deliveries, Prior art copies and U.S. Copyright office documents check our price list or call us today for more information, we are available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m-8:00 p.m. ET to assist you.

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