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Innovation IP Services is a small family owned business with an experienced TEAM specialized in authentication, legalization, apostille certifications, assignments, file histories (file wrapper), patents, prior art and other IP documents. Our TEAM never cuts corners, with many years of experience in the patent field, IP documents and information industry. Previously working with the leading and largest companies in the industry.

Integrity and quality is our goal, Innovation IP Services is your innovative quality service, best prices and fastest turnaround.

"Your satisfaction is our success" 

We can get access to patent file histories, assignments, non-patent literature for your prosecutions, and litigation needs. With a fast turnaround and immediately downloads. We have been working in the patent industry for many years with expertise and experience of eighteen years and counting.

Innovation IP Services provides authentication, legalization and apostille certifications for documents.

Professional, fast and efficient legalization and apostille service in Washington DC. Avoid potential conflicts and loss. We can get your documents legalized on time!


We can beat our most powerful competitors!​


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