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Over 23 years of experience focused on providing friendly, quality service and affordable prices for authentications, legalizations, apostille certifications, patent file histories (e.g. domestic and foreign file wrappers), patent assignments, hand deliveries to the USPTO, certified patent documents, non-patent literature (e.g. prior art references) and any other patent-related documents. We are the solution to all your patent document needs.

We understand the importance of your documents; there is no need to waste your time trying to find the solution to your authentication, legalization, or patent document needs when the Innovation IP Services team can get your documents on time at competitive pricing. Connect with us today! Let us do the work.


  • Document Legalizations & Authentication

  • PTO Certified Documents

  • Patent File Histories Domestics and Foreign

  • ​Patent Assignments

  • Non-Patent Literature Documents

  • ​Prior art Copies

  • ​PTO Hand Deliveries

  • ​Consulting

  • Trademark Documents

  • Copyright Office Document Copies


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